Let's drink on it.

Just another gif blog postin' random gifs from country music videos, etc. Feel free to request any! I do have a large, growing to-do list of these though so please be patient with me & yes, I always follow back. Enjoy. :)

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Just to give y’all a heads up:

  • Tomorrow’s my birthday, so I’ll be busy with family most likely all day
  • Dinner friday night with my friends
  • Spending time saturday with a couple of my other friends and going to Mardi Gras Texas Style to see three of my all-time favorite bands/artist; Eli Young Band, Kyle Park & Josh Abbott Band
  • Going out to my cousins’ sunday and celebrating my birthday with em out there til monday

Ah, I know I’ve been so tied up lately! I’m sorry y’all. Don’t worry, I got all of the requests on a saved list that I’ll get to whenever I can. After this weekend, things should be back to normal. But if I do find the time in between then, it’ll probably be tomorrow and maybe friday night. If I don’t come around though, y’all have a fantastic weekend! :)

This song always gets me. So many memories.. Well, hopefully things fall into place and I get to see him down in Houston next month!

So, how was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?

Regardless of if you care for the “holiday” or not, it’s nice to hear how people’s day went. I’ll be gettin’ to requests in the meantime. As for my day in a nutshell:

  • A surprisingly amazing day at school, absolutely no complaints
  • Told my parents I loved them
  • Dinner with my family, aunts, uncles and baby cousins
  • Baked some german chocolate cupcakes with a little nutella mixed in and a hershey kisses in the middle! 
Anonymous Asked: "Is there a way to download that or something? :)"


My friend did it all for me, but I’m sure you can google or youtube it. :)

Anonymous Asked: "Can you do a few Reba gifs for me? :) I'd really like a "Somebody's Chelsea", "I'll Be", or a "Cry" one!"


Of course, when I get there. :)

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